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tag changes each time I click show/hide in JCE
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Configuration Component Problems.
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TOPIC: tag changes each time I click show/hide in JCE
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tag changes each time I click show/hide in JCE 7 Years, 10 Months ago  

I just created a small test gallery to show this problem.
The text in the article is like this:

<a onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'aaa-telas'})" class="highslide" href="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/01-NovoFormulador.jpg"><img class="hidden-container" style="margin: 5px;" alt="01-NovoFormulador" height="113" width="150" src="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/01-NovoFormulador.jpg" /></a>
<a onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'aaa-telas', thumbnailId: 'sld01'})" class="highslide" href="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/02-NovoFormulador.jpg"><img style="margin: 5px;" alt="02-NovoFormulador" height="113" width="150" src="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/02-NovoFormulador.jpg" /></a>
<a onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'aaa-telas'})" class="highslide" href="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/03-NovoFormulador.jpg"><img class="hidden-container" style="margin: 5px;" alt="03-NovoFormulador" height="113" width="150" src="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/03-NovoFormulador.jpg" /></a>

Click show/hide twice and I have this:

<a href="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/01-NovoFormulador.jpg" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'aaa-telas'})"><img src="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/01-NovoFormulador.jpg" width="150" height="113" alt="01-NovoFormulador" style="margin: 5px;" class="hidden-container" /></a> <a href="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/02-NovoFormulador.jpg" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'aaa-telas', thumbnailId: 'sld01'})"><img src="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/02-NovoFormulador.jpg" width="150" height="113" alt="02-NovoFormulador" style="margin: 5px;" /></a> <a href="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/03-NovoFormulador.jpg" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this,{slideshowGroup: 'aaa-telas'})"><img src="images/stories/SistemaFormulador/sfv201-telasnovas/03-NovoFormulador.jpg" width="150" height="113" alt="03-NovoFormulador" style="margin: 5px;" class="hidden-container" /></a>

show/hide toggles the code.

Calling the article shows the thumbnail of selected slide correctly, but the clicking it shows the corresponding figure, not the slide gallery formated with the related preset.

I am using Joomla 1.5.18 and JCE component and plugin version
I am using also Joom!Fish 2.0.4
The site is being developed in local server with Wampserver 2.0

I thank you for your help to solve that.
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Re: tag changes each time I click show/hide in JCE 7 Years, 10 Months ago  

I'm not sure I understand the problem.

The editor appears to be changing the order of the a and img tag attributes but from what I can tell it didn't really change the attributes themselves in any way.

I can get this to happen on my test server with JCE by setting the 'Cleanup HTML' parameter in JCE to yes however it doesn't rearrange the attributes exactly as you have shown.

- Ken
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